Defended! With A. Borodin and P. Etingof

Alexander Moll

Hello! I am a postdoc at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (2016-2017) and at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (2017-2018). I am also a participant in the trimester on Combinatorics and Interactions at the Institut Henri Poincaré.

My email address is moll-at-ihes-dot-fr.


I earned my B.A. from the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University under the supervision of Mikhail Khovanov for my thesis ``Vershik-Kerov Asymptotics for HOMFLY Invariants of Knots and Links''.

I earned my Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the supervision of Alexei Borodin for my thesis ``Random Partitions and the Quantum Benjamin-Ono Hierarchy''.


My research is devoted to semi-classical, dispersionless, and hydrodynamic limits of the Calogero-Moser-Sutherland integrable quantum many-body problems with emphasis on:

  1. Born's Rule in quantization: randomness from non-random matrices
  2. developing quantum inverse scattering method in hydrodynamic variables
  3. Benjamin-Ono waves as chiral phonons for approximately uniform density
  4. braid group symmetry of quantization of radiation-soliton resolution of phonons
  5. quasi-holes + quasi-particles as quantizations of radiation + solitons
  6. Fock spaces are defined by periodic fractional Brownian motion of Hurst index 0
  7. Bohr's Correspondence Principle as large deviations principle
  8. Young diagrams are spectral shift functions of generalied Toeplitz operators
  9. determinantal point processes and free fermions as dispersionless limits beta=2
  10. structural connection to bulk/boundary correspondence and FQHE
  11. structural connection to beta ensembles (which are conditioned Gaussian fields)
  12. structrual connection to asymptotic representation theory as orbital theory
  13. structural connection to Seiberg-Witten theory and refined topological recursion


Here is a list of my works (with links to arXiv when available):


Institute Event Date Location
[U.Salento] Phys. Math. Nonlinear Phenomena Jun 24 2015 Gallipoli, Italy
[Columbia] Probability Seminar Nov 13 2015 New York, NY
[HCM] Asymptotics ... Coupled Systems Jan 15 2016 Bonn, Germany
[NYU] Courant Probability Seminar Jan 29 2016 New York, NY
[Yale] Geometry, Symmetry, and Physics Feb 4 2016 New Haven, CT
[BIRS] Workshop on Beta Ensembles Apr 13 2016 Banff, Canada
[KTH] Analysis Seminar Oct 19 2016 Stockholm, Sweden
[IHP] Random Matrix Seminar Nov 4 2016 Paris, France
[UZ/ETH] Joint Probability Seminar Nov 9 2016 Zürich, Switzerland
[IMT] Probability Seminar Nov 15 2016 Toulouse, France
[UPD7] Combinatorics Seminar Nov 23 2016 Paris, France
[CIRM] Winter School Jan 8 2017 Marseille, France
You can watch one of my talks here