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Previous Research Fields/ projects:

1. In Biology:

Cell differentiation and pattern formation:

- morphophysiological correlations in plant embryogenesis
- regulation of cell cycle progression during cell differentiation in protoplasts
- regulatory effect of CLAUSA gene on homeobox gene LeT6/TKn2, regulating pattern formation in plants embryos.
- the role of two novel selenoproteins in the Drosophila embryo pattern formation.

Signal transduction:

TRAPP complex as a dual-Ypt/Rab GEF required for protein traffic


- discovery of two novel selenoproteins in the Drosophila
- special machinery of selenoprotein translational mechanism
- oxidative stress in human neuronal cells

2. In physics:

Classical field theory:

- theory of the temporal-angular distribution of the radiation of the groups of relativistic charged particles

3. Interdisciplinary:

- mathematical modeling of plant growth (collaboration with Dr. V. Volpert, Lyon, France)
- developing the data processing software for new high throughput microarray technology (collaboration with Prof. Khrapko, Harvard Medical School, USA)
- involvement in several math-bio projects in math-bio group in IHES (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques) – with Prof. M.Gromov, Dr. A.Carbone, Dr. A. Zynoviev.