• Philibert Nang Scientific activity

    Interview with Philibert Nang

    Philibert Nang, mathematician and professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Libreville, Gabon, helps us understand the importance of international visiting programs such as the one at IHES.

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  • Marcel Berger IHES IHES

    Marcel Berger passed away at age 89­­

    Marcel Berger, Director of IHES from 1985 to 1994, passed away Saturday October 15, 2016.­ ­ ­

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  • Claire Voisin Scientific activity

    Claire Voisin is the laureate of the CNRS 2016 gold medal

    The mathematician, a specialist in Algebraic Geometry and managing editor of the Publications Mathématiques de l’IHES, is the laureate of the CNRS 2016 gold medal, the highest distinction in France.

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  • Fany Kassel Scientific activity

    Fanny Kassel joins IHES as a CNRS Researcher

    Fanny Kassel's work revolves around pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous spaces. Through this common theme she has made deep contributions to fields as varied as Lie groups, hyperbolic geometry, and spectral theory.

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  • Portes ouvertes 2016 Event

    The European Heritage Days at IHES were a great success

    IHES opened its doors on September 17th on the occasion of the European Heritage Days

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  • Post-doctorants Scientific activity

    IHES intensifies its post-doctoral program

    On 15 September an induction day was organised at IHES to welcome the new post-docs

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  • affiche ondes non lineaires Event

    Trimester on nonlinear waves

    A series of special events on nonlinear waves took place at IHES during the trimester between 2 May and 29 July, 2016. Together with the regular seminars and workshops that were organised weekly, three main events characterised the scientific life of IHES during this time: two five-days conferences and a summer school, between the 18th and the 29th July.

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  • Scientific activity

    Hugo Duminil-Copin is now a permanent professor at IHES

    Hugo Duminil-Copin has held the IDEX Paris-Saclay Chair as a permanent professor in Mathematics since September 1st.

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  • Hivers IHES seminaire Grothendieck IHES

    IHES, the early years

    An extract from the exhibition "The Scientific Heritage of IHES" that was conceived and produced by Anne-Sandrine Paumier (IHES) on the occasion of the 2016 European Heritage Days.

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  • IHES -Ullmo- Conference Event

    Summer school – nonlinear waves

    The trimester on nonlinear waves ended with a two-week summer school, alternating mini-lectures, aimed at presenting active research topics, with more traditional presentations of research work.

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  • IHES - view In the media

    IHES, a “temple for mathematicians” in Le Figaro (FRENCH ONLY)

    Lieu unique au monde, l'Institut, créé en 1958, abrite l'élite des mathématiques et de la physique fondamentale. Avec tableaux noirs et craies. PAR Cyrille Vanlerberghe

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  • Francis Bach Scientific activity

    Machine learning

    Between September 2015 and February 2016 Francis Bach held the Schlumberger Chair and worked on the topics of machine learning, optimisation and optimal transport. Here he writes about machine learning whose main aim is to find meaningful patterns in the large amount of data that we currently have at our disposal.

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