Alexander Goncharov, Gretchen et Barry Mazur Chair - IHES
portrait Alexander Goncharov

Alexander Goncharov, mathematician

Gretchen et Barry Mazur Chair

A professor of mathematics at Yale University, Alexander Goncharov is particularly interested in several areas of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, such as Hodge theory and motives, representation theory, Higher Teichmüller theory, quantization of moduli spaces of local systems and scattering amplitudes.

Alexander Goncharov received his doctorate in 1987, under supervision of Israel M. Gelfand. His thesis subject referred to differential geometry and representation theory.

Prior to his appointment at Yale, he was at Max-Planck Institute in Bonn (1995-1997 and at Brown University (1998-2010), as well as Senior Member at MSRI in Berkeley in 2001 and fall 2019.

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Gold Medal on 18th International Mathematical Olympiad (1976)
European Mathematical Society Prize (EMS) at the First European Congress of Mathematicians in Paris (1992)


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