Joseph Ayoub, Alexzandria Figueroa and Robert Penner Chair - IHES
portrait Joseph Ayoub

Joseph Ayoub, mathematician

Alexzandria Figueroa and Robert Penner Chair

Professor of mathematics at the University of Zurich, Joseph Ayoub is interested in the cohomology of algebraic varieties and the theory of motives.

Joseph Ayoub studied at the École normale supérieure in Paris and received his doctorate from the University of Paris 7 under the supervision of Fabien Morel. Before obtaining his position in Zurich, he was a researcher at the CNRS at the University of Paris 13.

Best thesis in mathematics prize from the E.A.D.S. Foundation (2006)
Peccot courses at Collège de France (June 2009)
Invited speaker at the ICM (2014)
K-theory prize (2014)


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