Spencer J. Bloch- IHES

Spencer J. Bloch­, mathematician

Israel Gelfand Chair

Spencer J. Bloch is R.M. Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Mathematics Department of the University of Chicago.

The main focus of his work has been algebraic geometry, and most particularly the study of motives, periods of motives, and motivic cohomology. In recent years, he has been studying motives arising from Feynman amplitudes in quantum field theory; working with people like Francis Brown, Pierre Cartier, Dirk Kreimer, and Pierre Vanhove at IHES. Amplitudes are periods of motives, and modern algebraic geometry provides tools like Hodge structures which can yield interesting information for physicists.

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Invited speaker at ICM Helsinki (1978)
Invited speaker at ICM Kyoto (1990)
Humboldt Prize (1996)
Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences
Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Member of the American Mathematical Society.


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