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Main themes of the Conference

p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic and l-adic Langlands programs, Shimura varieties and ramification theory

Théorie de Hodge p-adique, programmes de Langlands p-adique et l-adique, variétés de Shimura et théorie de la ramification

Program and videos

Abstracts of the lectures

Photos of the conference*

Main speakers

A. Beilinson (University of Chicago), G. Boxer (Harvard), F. Calegari (Northwestern University),
G. Faltings (MPIM, Bonn), T. Gee (Imperial College London), M. Harris (Université Paris 7),
D. Helm (Imperial College London), F. Herzig (University of Toronto), N. Imai (University of Tokyo),
M. Kisin (Harvard), K. Nakamura (Hokkaido University), T. Saito (University of Tokyo),
P. Scholze (Universität Bonn), B. Schraen (CNRS, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin),
S. W. Shin (UC Berkeley), Y. Tian (Morningside Center for Mathematics, Beijing), T. Tsuji (University of Tokyo)


A. Abbes (CNRS, IHÉS), C. Breuil (CNRS, Université Paris-Sud),
G. Chenevier (CNRS, École Polytechnique), T. Saito (University of Tokyo)

Organized in partnership with


Final conference of the ANR program p-adic Hodge theorie and beyond (ThéHopaD)
Fifth French-Japanese conference in arithmetic geometry
For more information, send a message to abbes @
(*) Thanks to Olivier Brinon and Florian Herzig for sharing their photos.
Poster of the Conference
Coming to CIRM, Luminy