Supplementary material for

Codon bias signatures, organisation of microorganisms in codon space and lifestyle

A.Carbone, F.Kps, A.Zinovyev

Molecular Biology and Evolution, 22(3):547--561, 2004

Supplementary material for the article. The file contains:

  1. Accession Numbers for 96 organisms
  2. Tree constructed from the binarized 1/2 l1-distance matrix
  3. Tree constructed from the euclidean distance matrix
  4. Tree constructed from the distance matrix of Karlin and Mrzek (Karlin and Mrzek (1988) Prokaryotic genome-wide comparisons and evolutionary implications, in Bacterial genomes, physical structures and analysis, edited by F.J.Brujin, J.R.Lupski and G.M.Weinstock, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston)


XLS file with organisms weights and other statistics

XLS file with 1/2 l1 distances between the organisms

XLS file with LDA separation coefficients