2012 Northwestern Masterclass in Gauge Theory

January 9th to 13th, 2012

at Northwestern University

Organised by Chris Elliott, Sam Gunningham and David Nadler.

Lunt Hall Skyline from Northwestern

The Northwestern masterclass in gauge theory is a week long masterclass aimed primarily at graduate students studying topics in geometry and topology. The focus is on recent advances in low-dimensional topology, symplectic geometry and TQFT, with an emphasis on extending gauge invariants to lower dimensions. The speakers will be Robert Lipshitz, Tim Perutz and Dylan Thurston.

Applications for the masterclass are now closed.

We expect to be able to provide funding for most participants. This will cover the cost of travel to and from the masterclass, and accommodation for the duration. We are grateful to the Northwestern Geometry RTG for making this financial support possible.

For more information, please contact us at: gaugetheory2012@gmail.com.


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Northwestern Math department: http://www.math.northwestern.edu/
My homepage: Chris Elliott
Image credit: Brian Keegan (left, sunny), Kristopher Anderson (right, sunny).

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