portrait nadya morozova
Nadya Morozova

FRE CNRS 3377 "Epigenetique et cancer"
CEA Saclay
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France
Tel: 01 69 08 53 15
Fax: 01 69 08 53 48


Education : M.S in Molecular Biology and M.S in Theoretical Physics and Ph.D in Developmental Biology

Research interests:
Developmental biology, Systems biology and Mathematical modeling

Research interests :

Current Research Fields:

• Cancer biology, with a particular focus on lung and breast cancer
• Stem cells and Cancer Stem-like cells populations
• Small non-coding RNAs
• Cell fate determination in the processes of proliferation and differentiation
• Pathway and Network analysis
• Mathematical modeling of the processes of growth and development
• Mathematical formalization of pattern formation in morphogenesis
• Data processing tools for small-scale and genome-wide screens

Current Research projects:

• Network modeling of proliferation/cancer/apoptotic pathways in human lung cancer cells using a genome-wide loss of function screen.(with PARi platform)
• Systems biology approach for genome-wide loss-of-function screen analysis, with applications related to lung cancer research.(with PARi platform)
• Biostatistics for genome-wide screen analysis ( with PARi platform)
• Mathematical modeling of the different mechanisms of microRNA action with the final aim to get dynamical signatures for each proposed mechanism.(with Dr. Zinovyev, Institute Curie)
• Bioinformatic analysis of the deep sequencing of small non-coding RNAs, associated with chromatin AGO-complexis.
• microRNA profiling for the processes of proliferation, differentiation and cancerogenesis using LNA microarray and TLDA qPCR technique.
• Mathematical modeling of cancer stem-like cells population dynamics(with Prof. Capasso, University of Milano)
• Mathematical modeling of the processes of plant growth (with Dr. V. Volpert, Lyon)
• Developing the approach for generic mathematical formalization of the phenomena of Pattern formation in Morphogenesis. (math-bio group in IHES)

Scientific Collaborations:

Dr. A. Zinovyev, Institute Curie, France
Prof. V. Capasso, University of Milan, Italy
Dr. V.Volpert, University of Lyon, France
Prof. M. Shubin, NEU, USA
Prof. M. Gromov, IHES, France

Previous Research Fields / Projets :
Scientific International Projects (on-going and finalized)
Selected Publications:
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