Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques


14-27 June 2004

The goal of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for string and particle theorists to exchange the latest ideas in the relaxing atmosphere, before the sprint of STRINGS'04 conference. We also plan to have several pedagogical lectures aimed at the graduate level students mostly from European community who wish to prepare for Strings'04

N. Berkovits, M. Douglas, S.Dimopoulos, T. Eguchi, M.Green,

D. Gross, C. Hull, J. Maldacena, G. Moore, L.B. Okun, A. Polyakov,

J. Schwarz, A. Strominger, A. Vilenkin, H. Verlinde, S.T. Yau


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Here is the list of people, who expressed their interest in participating