Curriculum vitae

Full Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

French. Born on August 26, 1985.

Current positions
Permanent professor, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS).
Professor, Université de Genève.
PI of the ERC starting grant CriBlaM
Assistant Professor, Université de Genève.
PhD & Postdoc, Université de Genève (supervised by S. Smirnov).
École Normale Supérieure de Paris. Agrégation de mathématiques.
Master, Université Paris XI.
MPSI and MP* (preparatories classes), Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, Paris.
Dobrushin prize.
Member of Academia Europaea.
Invited speaker (session Probability and session Mathematical Physics), ICM Rio.
Loeve Prize.
Grand Prix Jacques Herbrand de l'Académie des Sciences.
New Horizons Prize in Mathematics.
Prize of the European Mathematical Society.
Early Career Award of the International Association of Mathematical Physics.
Cours Peccot du collège de France.
Oberwolfach prize.
Rollo Davidson prize (joint with Vincent Beffara).
Vacheron Constantin prize.
Named lecture series. ICTS Ramanujan lectures (2021), Princeton Minerva Distinguished Lecture series (2019), Takagi Lectures (2017), Charles River Lectures (2017), Current Developments in Mathematics (2015).

Plenary Lectures in conferences. Jahrestagung of Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (2022), Portuguese
Mathematical Society Meeting (2021), International Congress of Mathematical Physics (2021), IMS Medallion Lecture  Stochastic Processes and Applications conference (2021), German Probability and Statistics Days (2020), Brazil-France Congress (2019), 150 years of the Finnish Mathematical Society (2018), Congrès de la société mathématique de France (2018), 31th Brazilian Coloquio (2017), Early Career Award Lecture at International Congress of Mathematical Physics (2015), 36th Stochastic Processes and Applications conference (2013).

Lecture Series in schools. Clay summer school (2020), Saint-Flour Summer School (2018), IST summer school in Mathematical physics (2018), Spin Systems: Discrete and Continuous (2018), Brazilian probability school (2017), PIMS summer school in Probability (2017),  Universality, Scaling Limits and Effective Theories (2016).

Colloquia. UConn, 42nd Midwest Probability Colloquium, Melbourne, Vienna, KL Chung Memorial Lecture in Stanford, ETH (theoretical physics), Princeton (physics), Toulouse, École des Ponts, Imperial College, Hamburg, King's College, Amsterdam, Orléans, Plancherel lecture (Fribourg-Bern), Bonn, Brandeis-Harvard-MIT-Northeastern, Cologne, Genève, IMPA, Lausanne, Lille, Nancy, Paris 5, Technion, Tel Aviv, Paris 6, Clermond-Ferrand, Helsinki.
Romain Panis (Phd, started 2020)

Matthias Kloeckner (Phd, started 2019)

Alex Karrila (Postdoc, started 2019)

Giovanni Antinucci (Postdoc, finished 2020, now )

Dmitry Krachun (Phd, started 2018)

Pierre-François Rodriguez (Postdoc, finished 2020, now lecturer Imperial college)

Mendes Oulamara (Phd, started 2018)

Subhajit Goswami (Postdoc, finished 2020, now reader at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research of Mumbai)

Franco Severo (Phd student, started 2017)

Jhih-Huang Li (Phd student, finished 2017, now postdoc in Warwick)

Aran Raoufi (Phd student, finished 2017, now postdoc in ETH Zurich)

Daria Smirnova (Phd student, finished 2018)

Matan Harel (finished 2017, now Assistant Professor Northeastern University)

Ioan Manolescu (finished 2015, now Associate Professor in Fribourg)

Vincent Tassion (finished 2016, now Associate Professor in ETH Zurich)
Probability and Mathematical Physics (chief editor)
Duke Mathematical Journal
Publications of IHES
Inventiones Mathematicae
Communications in Mathematical Physics (2016-2020)
Annals of Probability
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilités et Statistiques
EMS monographs in Mathematics