Quantitative analysis of genetic and biochemical systems

Our laboratory is working on various problems connected with the functioning and evolution of biological systems. For instance, we are interested in the systemic description of genetic and biochemical networks, such as those responsible for gene regulation. Our approach is based on quantitative experimental measurements and theoretical modeling. We use mathematical tools (mainly from statistics and combinatorics) and algorithmic tools to study basic principles of cellular functioning starting from genomic data.

The main research areas are

Equipe de Génomique Analytique
Laboratoire de Génomique des Microorganismes
FRE3214 CNRS-Université Pierre et Marie Curie

15, rue de l'École de Médecine
75006 Paris, FRANCE

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  • comparative genomics (codon bias, gene expression levels, metabolic networks)
  • statistical and combinatorial analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes
  • ab initio prediction of miRNAs and miRNA clusters
  • low homology and protein annotation
  • protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction
  • detection of evolutionary signals (conservation and co-evolution) in sequences helping to predict mechanical properties of proteins, structural stability, etc.
  • genome rearrangements in yeasts
Other research areas are  
  • DNA nanotechnologies
  • DNA tiling