Pierre LE BRIS





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  3. Small correction: In the change of variable y->x-y, there is no negative sign appearing on pages 7,8,10 and 22. This does not modify further calculations.
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In Proceedings:
  1. Recent progress on limit theorems for large stochastic particle systems, with Max Fathi, Angeliki Menegaki, Pierre Monmarché, Julien Reygner, and Milica Tomašević, ESAIM: Proceedings and surveys, December 2023, Vol. 75, p. 2-23. article. (Former versions: HAL)




TD="Travaux dirigés": tutorials for a class of about 20-30 students.
TP="Travaux pratiques": tutorials in computer programming for a class of about 10-15 students.

In 2021 I gave a very short course for the PDE Working Group of LJLL on coupling methods. You can find here some informal notes.


Formerly in the organizing committee for the PhD students' working group of the LJLL (GTT).

Organization of a day "On systems of interacting particles" (website) on June 6th 2024.

I have provided reviews for articles submitted to: