Programme post-doctoral non spécifique

Discussion informelleBesides the positions funded as part of the IHES partnerships with external institutions and/or within specific scientific projects (ERC, Simons Foundation, EPSRC, CARMIN….),  IHES will offer several 2-year postdoctoral positions in mathematics, theoretical physics or theoretical biology starting September 2018.

In this case, each postdoctoral researcher will be offered a per diem to cover his/her living expenses, health insurance, free accommodation in the Institute’s nearby residence, as well as free an office space and access to the cafeteria for lunch from Monday through Friday. An annual travel allowance is also available for scientific trips.

Applications should be submitted online and include the ­application form duly completed, a CV, a list of publications, a description of research project and future plans as well as 2 or 3 letters of recommendation.

For prospective applicants in biology:

The candidate should have a background in biology and be interested in addressing theoretical questions in biology as well as in interacting with mathematicians and physicists.

The main scope of the work includes analytical literature mining aimed at conceptualizing of available experimental data related to a specific biological problem, and further search for its mathematical formalization in communication with mathematicians and physicists.

Among topics currently pursued in math-bio group are cell fate decisions in normal and cancer cells and pattern formation in morphogenesis.

Next call for applications: Autumn 2018