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Ecole d’été 2017 à l’IHES

From July 17 to July 28, 2017 IHES will host the Summer School on « Spectral properties of large random objects ». Co-funded by Société Générale and the Fondation mathématique Jacques Hadamard the school is organised by Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES), Nicolas Curien, Jean-François Le Gall, and Stéphane Nonnenmacher, all affiliated to Université Paris-Sud.

The aim of the school is to present a broad view on large random objects to a selected audience of students and postdocs. Spectral properties of large random objects have been a very active playground in probability theory, mathematical physics and computer science during the last few decades, with manifold motivations: viewing random matrices as a model for complicated quantum Hamiltonians, studying random Schrödinger operators to understand the Anderson localization phenomenon, viewing eigenvectors of random matrices as models for eigenmodes of quantized chaotic systems, or understanding the geometry of large (random) graphs such as expanders via the spectral properties of their adjacency matrices. In those studies the emphasis is generally put either on the eigenvalues or on the eigenvectors of the object.

The school will include eight mini-courses given by international outstanding experts on the topic:

Charles Bordenave (Université de Toulouse), Paul Bourgade (New York University), Frédéric Klopp (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Eyal Lubetzky (New York University), Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research), Christophe Sabot (Université de Lyon 1), Balint Virag (University of Toronto),
Simone Warzel (Technische Universität München).

Applications are open until 31 March 2017 on the Summer School webpage, where more details can be found on the courses that will be offered and on the possibilities for funding.Societe Generale logo