Professors and invited researchers

Driven by people and not by programmes, the research undertaken at the Institute is characterised by its interdisciplinarity, which is embedded in its DNA.

The five permanent professors have been an embodiment of the Institute’s identity over the years. The 200 or so researchers invited each year ensure different research topics abound, contributing to the scientific dynamism at IHES.

Invitation programmes

Researchers come from all over the world to take part in the general IHES programme or in specific programmes. They are selected following an application or invited by the Scientific Council.

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Call for summer school proposals

Hosting a summer school each year is an important element of the Institute’s scientific policy. IHES is now calling for proposals for 2021

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The library

The Nicolaas H. Kuiper library has a collection of around 10 000 books and 170 periodicals on mathematics and physics.

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Les Publications de l'IHES

Les Publications mathématiques de l’IHES, a journal created in 1959, is one of the most prestigious publications in the field of mathematics.

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