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Fundamental sciences contribute to all research, and impact our lives. Within less than 60 years, the Institute has won the battle of its founder, to become a Mecca for science by promoting freedom of research.

This original model needs you: the funding of the Institute, a private foundation in the public interest, depends largely on donor’s generosity.

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Leon Motchane, with a passion for mathematics was the man behind the creation of the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques

Science history

8 Fields Medals

Unparalleled performance, of the twelve permanent professors in mathematics recruited by IHES since its creation, eight have received the Fields Medal, the highest distinction in mathematics.


200 researchers invited each year

Researchers come from all over the world to take part in the general IHES programme or in specific programmes. They are selected following an application or invited by the Scientific Council.

Life at IHES

An annual budget of around 6 M€ (2005-2015 average)

The funds that have been endowed thanks to the generosity of the Institute’s donors now provides 18 % of IHES operating budget. Other philanthropic projects support an average 6 % per year. About a quarter of the Institute’s budget comes from the generosity of donors. IHES wishes to thank those generous contributors for their support.

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