Gender Equality Plan - IHES

Gender Equality Plan

Gender equality and the representation of women in the scientific disciplines at IHES, i.e. mathematics and theoretical physics, are key issues today. I have made this a priority at the Institute by setting up an action plan for professional equality, with four main objectives:

– Establishing a governance framework, as well as awareness-raising and training initiatives on gender equality for all employees;

– Creating an inclusive working environment that encourages gender diversity and mutual respect, by promoting work-life balance;

– Promoting parity at all levels, in terms of recruitment, career development and pay differentials;-

– Combating harassment, discrimination, sexism and sexual violence;

We have already taken several steps in this direction. This plan will enable us to coordinate them better, identify new avenues for improvement and monitor results over time.

Diversity and inclusion have always been fundamental values for the Institute, which welcomes visitors from all over the world every year. Promoting gender equality is one of these values, fostering professional fulfillment for all. The action plan contributes to the quality of the welcome and working environment we wish to offer to all the Institute’s staff and scientists, whether permanent or visiting.

Beyond this institutional action plan, I would also like to remind you that equality, respect and inclusion are the responsibility of each and every one of us. I am therefore also counting on your commitment and support. Together, day after day, we are strengthening and ensuring gender equality, at IHES and more generally throughout society.

Emmanuel Ullmo, director of IHES

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