Each year, after examination of their applications, about 200 mathematicians and theoretical physicists from all over the world are selected by the scientific council and invited to come to IHES to pursue their research project, collaborate with other researchers from the community and participate in the Institute’s activities.

This selection is made twice a year on the sole criterion of excellence and by close collaboration with ­the CNRS-IHES Research Directors and the holder of the Université de Cergy-Pontoise-IHES chair­.

All applications are examined in June and December by the scientific council except post-doctoral and CARMIN programme applications which are examined only in December and the summer school proposals which are examined only in June.

Invited researchers

Specific cases set aside, the IHES general invitation programme offers invited researchers a per diem, office space and free accommodation in the Institute's residence, as well as free access to the cafeteria for lunch from Monday to Friday.

All applications should be submitted on line and include the following documents:
– Application form­ ­duly completed­
– Curriculum-vitæ
– Publication list
– Short research project


The CARMIN  Programme

The CARMIN  Programme offers the possiblity to apply to a 6 month position combining a research visit at IHES with a participation to one of the quaterly IHP thematic programmes.

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Next selection

December 2020

Call for applications opens

June 2020

Application submission deadline

26 November 2020

Results communicated

End of January 2021 at the latest


The IHES Scientific Council selects a number of applicants for postdoctoral research visits in mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical biology at its December meeting each year. Selected postdocs will be invited for one or two years, starting from the following academic year.

Next selection: December 2020

Selected applicants will be welcomed to IHES as members of the Postdoctoral Institute.

Some of these positions are funded thanks to IHES’ partnership with outside institutions or because they are part of a specific project (ERC, Simons Foundation, EPSRC, CARMIN).

All applications must be completed online and include the following:
– duly completed application form
– curriculum-vitae
– list of publications
– research summary
– 2 to 3 letters of recommendation

Postdocs for a specific project:

ERC Starting Grant DiGGeS (Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures)
(PI : Fanny Kassel)

Simons Collaboration in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences (Homological Mirror Symmetry and Applications­­
(PI : Maxim Kontsevitch)
Presentation of the Simons Collaboration in MPS

L’ERC Starting Grant CriBLaM (Critical Behavior of Lattice Models)
(PI : Hugo Duminil-Copin)
Presentation of the ERC CriBLaM

L’ERC Synergy Grant ReNew Quantum (Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory)
(PI : Maxim Kontsevitch)
Presentation of the ERC ReNew Quantum

The CARMIN programme
Presentation of the CARMIN programme

Other postdocs

Several 1- to 2-year postdoctoral positions in mathematics and theoretical physics will be offered at IHE­S­

non-specific postdoctoral applications




Next selection

december 2020

Call for applications opens

autumn 2020

Application submission deadline

November 2020

Results communicated

end of January 2021

Summer school call for proposals

IHES has been organising summer schools since 2006 to provide a hundred or so PhD students, postdocs and young researchers an overview of the latest developments in key areas of mathematics and theoretical physics.

Each year in the Spring and for a selection in June, IHES is calling for proposals for future summer schools to be held over two weeks. Their theme may relate to any discipline in mathematics or theoretical physics.

Hosting a summer school each year is an important element of the Institute’s scientific policy and IHES allocates significant financial resources to it. Securing additional funding is, however, decisive and the Institute encourages future organisers to make suggestions to that end, which can be discussed after selection. IHES can also offer assistance in preparing funding submissions.

We invite you to submit a proposal including:
– The name and contact details of the main organiser
– The summer school’s theme
– The proposed title
– The dates chosen (two two-week periods are offered)
– A brief description of the project, its aims and proposed format (number of lectures etc.)
– The list of organisation committee members
– The list of scientific committee members
– The list of proposed speakers
– Confirmed and/or proposed funding
– Any additional comments

Next call for proposals: May 2021

Previous IHES summer schools

2020 – Motivic, Equivariant and Non-commutative Homotopy Theory
2019 – Aspects of Geometric Group Theory
2018 – Supersymmetric Localization and Exact Results
2017 – Spectral Properties of Large Random Objects
2016 – Nonlinear Waves
2015 – Moduli Problems in Symplectic Geometry
2014 – Théorie Analytique des Nombres



Submit a "Summer School" proposal

Next selection

june 2021 (for 2024)

Results communicated

end of july 2021