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  • Galileo Galilei Medal 2021 Laureates IHES

    Thibault Damour awarded the 2021 Galileo Galilei Medal

    Thibault Damour, permanent professor at IHES since 1989, is one of the three recipients of the Galileo Galilei Medal, together with physicists Alessandra Buonanno and Frans Pretorius "for the fundamental understanding of sources of gravitational radiation by complementary analytic and numerical techniques, enabling predictions that have been confirmed by gravitational wave observations and are now key tools in this new branch of astronomy".

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  • Portrait de Laure Saint-Raymond Press Release

    Laure Saint-Raymond joins IHES as a permanent professor

    Laure Saint-Raymond will join the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) as a permanent professor of mathematics in September 2021.

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  • Sarah Cohen-Boulakia à l'IHES Event

    New edition for the Statistics & Computer Science Day for Data Science in Paris-Saclay

    This year, the Statistics & Computer Science Day for Data Science at Paris-Saclay is back in a totally virtual version: see you on February 5, 2021!

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  • Jean-Pierre Bourguignon Event

    Attend the Maxwell Institute’s first Atiyah Lecture given by Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

    The former director of the IHES, Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, will give an online lecture on January 11th!

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  • IHES

    Two of Thibault Damour’s papers in the PRD 50th Anniversary Milestones collection

    Two of Professor Thibault Damour’s papers, in collaboration with Alessandra Buonanno, have recently been selected to be published in a special collection of a few high-profile articles as part of the 50th Anniversary Milestones of the prestigious scientific journal Physical Review D.

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  • Carte de voeux 2021 : Th. Damour IHES

    Season’s Greetings from IHES

    After such a special year, IHES intends to emphasize through its greeting card the importance of exchanges, transmission and dissemination of knowledge.

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  • Event

    A Glimpse into IHES: A virtual event on 7 December, introduced by the French Ambassador to the US

    The event was held held in the presence of Marilyn and Jim Simons, key sponsors for IHES, Michael R. Douglas, president and chairman of Friends of IHES, and Emmanuel Ullmo, director of IHES.

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  • Centre de conférences Marilyn & Jim Simons IHES

    A virtual exhibition to discover the scientific heritage of IHES

    IHES invites you to discover its history through a virtual exhibition entitled “The scientific heritage of IHES”, highlighting some of its archives.

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  • SciTech Central COVID-19 Event

    A conference on COVID-19 hosted by Robert Penner

    On December 16th, 2020, Prof. Robert Penner, René Thom Chair at IHES, will host the conference SciTech Central COVID-19 , the 11th International Virtual Seminar on COVID-19 Part II.

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  • Annonce conférence sur les structures algébriques Event

    “Algebraic Structures in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory”, a conference in honor of Dirk Kreimer’s 60th birthday

    The conference, organized by Erik Panzer and Karen Yeats, was held from 16 to 20 November 2020 entirely online due to the health situation related to Covid-19.

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  • IHES

    Test your knowledge on the history of maths with a quiz offered by IHES

    IHES invites all math enthusiasts to test their knowledge on mathematics and its history and to discover the Institute with a series of fun questions!

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  • Visuel du livre "Une histoire de l'IHES" IHES

    Sixty years of history of IHES

    On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, IHES wanted to highlight the treasures of its archives by gathering them in a book.

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