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“Theoretical sciences are some of the most powerful tools for understanding the world better.”

institut_gouvernance_gahoud“I know full well that fundamental research remains essential for industry. The power of the models designed by theorists regularly results in significant technological leaps. IHES is one of the few places in the world to offer the scientific community the environment in which research – necessarily free and curiosity-driven – can flourish. We should preserve this model and support its development.
The scientific method is driven by a desire to push the boundaries of knowledge, which is also a desire for independence and freedom – two of IHÉS’ core values. As well as the decisive part it plays in most technological innovations and its impact on economic players, basic research contributes to deep, universal thinking. Whether solving the mysteries of black holes or of morphogenesis, theoretical sciences are some of the most powerful tools for understanding the world better.
IHES is more than ever determined to fully play its part within the scientific ecosystem, by offering exceptional scientists a place where their research can flourish. Supporting the IHES model for the benefit of the entire scientific community is essential.”

Marwan Lahoud, President of the IHES Board of Directors

Board of Directors

IHES is managed by a Board of Directors, comprising a maximum of 18 members. Its membership consists of representatives of the State (the French Ministry of Research and CNRS), founder representatives, and individual members.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year:
– Spring session: scientific presentation, presentation, and approval of the previous financial year’s accounts, presentation of the revised budget for the current financial year, and presentation of various projects concerning the Institute;
– Autumn session: budget monitoring, approval of the following year’s budget, presentation of the various events which have taken place over the year.

Membres du CA du l'IHESIHES Executive Committee

President of the Board of Directors
Marwan Lahoud

Vice-President of the Board of Directors
Eric Chaney

Treasurer of the Board of Directors
Isabelle Bouillot
President, China Equity Links

Founding members

Paris-Saclay University

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Germany)
Dennis Gaitsgory, Berthold Neizert

Académie Suisse des Sciences Naturelles (Switzerland)
Martin Hairer, Emmanuel Kowalski, Alain Valette

Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique
Catherine Pépin, François Jacq

Service public fédéral de Programmation politique scientifique du Royaume de Belgique

Philippe Marie-Jeanne

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
Isabelle Laudier

Laurent Butré

Ex-officio members

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
Thierry Goudon

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Antoine Petit, Christophe Besse, Bertrand Georgeot

Individual members

Isabelle Bouillot
President, China Equity Links

Eric Chaney
Economic advisor at Institut Montaigne

Marwan Lahoud

Jacques Lamoure
Board director at Atlantis

André Lévy-Lang
Former President, Paribas, Associate Emeritus Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine

Yuri Tschinkel
Simons Foundation

Jacques Vigner
Chief strategic oversight officer, BNP Paribas

IHES Board of Directors Honorary President

Philippe Lagayette

IHES former Presidents

Joseph Pérès, Institut de France (1958-1961)
André Grandpierre, Pont à Mousson (1961-1972)
Jacques Ballet, Esso Standard France (1972-1973)
Raymond Barre, Conseil général Banque de France (1973-1977)
Pierre Aigrain, Thomson (1977-1978)
Renaud de la Genière, Banque de France (1978-1985)
Marcel Boiteux, Electricité de France (1985-1994)
Philippe Lagayette, JP Morgan (1995-2014)

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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council has the prerogative of planning the Institute’s scientific work at its twice-yearly meetings. It comprises ex-officio members (the director, the permanent professors, the Léon Motchane professor) and external members who are co-opted for three-year mandates. CNRS Research Directors at IHES and the holder of the Université de Cergy-Pontoise – IHES Analysis Chair are also invited to take part in discussions. The Scientific Council is responsible for recruiting permanent professors, as well as selecting invited researchers and organising the programme of scientific events.

The Scientific Council meets every year in June and December to select future visitors and to debate the Institute’s scientific policy. Together with CNRS and CEA Research Directors at IHES and the holder of the Université de Cergy-Pontoise – IHES Analysis Chair, they select visitors on the basis of excellence alone and ensure that a balance is maintained between theoretical physics and mathematics.

Ex-officio members

Ullmo Emmanuel
French mathematician
IHES Director since 1 September 2013

Clausen Dustin
American mathematician
Permanent professor since 2023

Delcamp Clément
French physicist
Junior professor since 2023

Duminil-Copin Hugo
French mathematician
Permanent professor since 2016

Kontsevich Maxim
French and Russian mathematician
Permanent professor since 1995

Rychkov Slava
Russian physicist
Permanent professor since 2017

Saint-Raymond Laure 
French mathematician
Permanent professor since 2021

Wang Yilin
Chinese mathematician
Junior professor since 2023

External members

Darmon Henri
French ­mathematician
Professor, McGill University
Member since 2024

Kapustin Anton
Russian and American theoretical physicist
Professor, California Institute of Technology
Member since 2023

Kassel Fanny
French ­mathematician
CNRS Senior Researcher at IHES
Member since 2019

Kenig Carlos
American mathematician
Professor, University of Chicago
Member since 2023

Rastelli Leonardo
Italian physicist
Professor, Stony Brook
Member since 2022

Simon Steven
American theoretical physicist
Professor, Oxford University
Membre depuis 2023