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Les Amis de l’IHES

Les Amis de l’IHES helps to promote the cutting edge research carried out at IHES as widely as possible. They organize conferences aimed at a broad audience, to introduce current research projects and organize cultural events of a scientific nature.

Les Amis de l’IHES is an association which was created on 8 October 1998 to coincide with the Institute’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Louis Michel was Chairman until he passed away on 30 December 1999; he was succeeded by Marcel Berger, former IHES Director, and by Jean-Marc Deshouillers, professor at the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2. Since May 2009, the association has been chaired by Valentin Poénaru who was professor at the Paris-Sud University (Orsay) before retiring.

Videoconference by Amandine Cornille, 1st July 2021

Les Amis de l'IHES organized a new videoconference with Amandine Cornille (CRCN CNRS) on Thursday 1 July 2021, 18:30 via Zoom.

New event organized by Les Amis de l’IHES on Thursday 1 July 2021, 18:30 (French Time)

Amandine CORNILLE (CRCN/CNRS researcher) gave a Zoom videoconference entitled:

“Of apples and men”

“What is the origin and the genetic make-up of the apple varieties you eat nowadays? Despite its economic, cultural and historical importance, the evolutionary histories of the cultivated apple and of its wild relatives still remained unresolved 10 years ago. The use of genetic markers on multiple wild and cultivated populations across Eurasia has since made great strides toward answering this question”.

Contact: Ingrid Peeters (01 60 92 66 64)

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