Postdocs - IHES


The IHES Scientific Council selects a number of applicants for postdoctoral research visits in mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical biology at its December meeting each year. Selected postdocs will be invited for two years starting from the following academic year.

Next selection: December 2021

Selected applicants will be welcomed to IHES as members of the Postdoctoral Institute.

Some of these positions are funded thanks to IHES’ partnership with outside institutions or because they are part of a specific project (ERC, HUAWEI, IBM, CARMIN, …).

All applications must be completed online and include the following:
– duly completed application form
– curriculum-vitae
– list of publications
– research summary
– 2 to 3 letters of recommendation

Postdocs for a specific project:

ERC Starting Grant DiGGeS (Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures)
(PI : Fanny Kassel)
ERC DiGGeS (1 position)

ERC Starting Grant CriBLaM (Critical Behavior of Lattice Models)
(PI : Hugo Duminil-Copin)
Presentation of the ERC CriBLaM (1 position)

ERC Synergy Grant ReNew Quantum (Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory)
(PI : Maxim Kontsevitch)
Presentation of the ERC ReNew Quantum (1 position)

The Huawei Young Talents Programme
Presentation of the Huawei Young Talents Programme (5 positions)

IBM Postdoctoral position in Artificial Intelligence
Presentation of the IBM Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence (1 position)

The CARMIN programme
Presentation of the CARMIN programme (1 position)


Other postdocs

IHES offers 2-year postdoctoral positions in mathematics and/or theoretical physics.

Non-specific postdoctoral applications (1 position)