CARMIN Program

1 two-year postdoctoral fellowship -3 Six-Month Fellowships for combined stays at IHES and IHP­­

CARMIN_2017_engThe CARMIN Project, created as part of the call for “laboratories of excellence” of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, aims at creating places where mathematicians can exchange and pool their skills in order to solve big scientific issues.

In the ­mathematics field, there are indeed a number of open scientific problems that cannot be solved by a single person. This “mathematical” infrastructure is essential for maintaining excellence in the French mathematical school at the highest international level.

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In the frame of the CARMIN project, IHES offers :

1 two-year postdoctoral position, with a possible extension of 1 year,  without any particular requirements for candidates having obtained their PhD in mathematics or theoretical physics before September 2022.

3 six-month positions

The laureates selected for these positions will have to participate in the scientific life of IHES and attend one of the 2 thematic quarters at IHP:

In 2022-23:
– 6 September – 10 December 2022
Geometry and statistics in data sciences
Organizers: E. Aamari, C. Aaron, F. Chazal, A. Fischer, M. Hoffmann, A. Le Brigant, C. Levrard, B. Michel
Pre-school: September 6th – 9h, IESC

– 17 April – 14 July 2023
Higher structures in geometry and mathematical physics
Organizers: K. Behrend, B. Fantechi, C. Laurent-Gengoux, M. Stiénon, P. Xu
Pre-school: April 15th – 19th, CIRM

Contract details

The laureate of the postdoctoral programme will receive
– a salary and full health coverage
– free housing in the IHES housing complex
– access to the cafeteria for lunch Monday through Friday.
– a travel allowance to participate in scientific activities related to the project.

Laureates of the 6 month program will a receive
– a daily subsistence allowance
– free housing in the IHES residence
– free access to the Institute’s cafeteria for lunch Monday through Friday.
– a travel allowance


All applications must be submitted online and should include the following documents: ­
– Duly completed registration form
– Curriculum-vitæ
– List of publications
– Short research project
– For postdoctoral applicants: 2 or 3 recom­mendation letters


Deadline for post-doctoral applications: 1 December 2021