The relatively small size of the Institute enables its supporters to have a meaningful impact and recognition. On the other hand, fundamental research can be done without much expense in terms of infrastructures but may have a strong effect on society in the long run.
Supporting in the Institute is a rare opportunity of having an immediate impact and a long term perspective.

Making a gift


Your gift – whether one-off or over several years - is allocated to the Institute’s operational budget. A contribution to the Institute’s endowment funds means your generosity will have a lasting impact, as only the interest on the funds will be spent.

ihes-soutien-1Providing lasting support by creating chairs for six permanent professor posts and one director post

The permanent professors have turned the Institute into a global point of reference for mathematics and theoretical physics. The director, who oversees scientific activity, also plays a strategic role in the Institute’s management. Depending on the level of the gift, a chair can fund the holder’s salary for five years or permanently.

ihes-soutien-1Associate professors chairs

The Institute aims to have dedicated invitation programmes for high-profile researchers in order to offer them better terms and more regular visits. An associate professor chair supports one or two holders for three years or permanently, depending on the level of your contribution.

ihes-soutien-1Consolidating the visitor fund

The general invitation programme enables around 200 researchers to be invited each year on the sole basis of excellence. It allows IHES to preserve its status as a place for international exchange. Currently, 20% of visits are entirely supported by specific funding thanks to donors’ generosity.

ihes-soutien-1Infrastructure renovation

There are close to 60 accommodation units in the Ormaille residence, owned by IHES, which are essential in providing housing for foreign visitors. In order to reduce their running costs considerably, as well as their environmental impact, extensive refurbishment is currently required for better energy efficiency.

ihes-soutien-1Extending French-American partnership

30% of invited researchers at the Institute are American, making the United States IHES’ main partner. Friends of IHES is seeking a wider range of contacts and sources of funding to support this extraordinary level of cooperation.

ihes-soutien-1Finalising Asian funds

Since 2001, the Institute has created dedicated funds for China, Japan and India, the target for each being to fund the visits of Asian researchers for six months each year.

ihes-soutien-1Ensuring the continual success of fundamental research

Given the scientific and institutional links that exist in Europe between IHES and both the United Kingdom and Switzerland, these two countries are priority regions for the Institute. Russia and Israel are also strategic countries.

If you would like to support us and have a project in mind…

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Fundraising Campaigns


In June 2001, the IHÉS Board of Directors decided to launch the first fundraising campaign, with a 10 M€ target. The “Invest in the power of the intellect” campaign ended in 2005 and exceeded its tar­get by more than 20 %, raising 12 154 862 €.
Further details in the first campaign brochure.

The Institute’s Jubilee in 2008 was an ideal opportunity to double fundraising efforts straight after the first campaign. From 2006 and 2011, the 50th Anniversary Campaign saw many new partners join the ranks of supporters and raised 28 908 748 €.
Further details­
List of 50th Anniver­sary Campaign donors­­

In December 2011, the Simons Foundation encouraged the Institute to pursue its fundraising efforts, in the form of a challenge-gift up to five million euros. IHES had reached over this objective one year in advance thanks to the great support of its donors.

Making a gift