Huawei Young Talents Program - IHES

Huawei Young Talents Program

Huawei Young Talents Program
Duration: 2 or 3 years


Within the framework of the Huawei Young Talents Program, funded by Huawei Technologies, IHES is opening four 2-year postdoctoral positions starting in September 2022, with a possible extension of 1 year.

The Huawei Young Talents Program fellows at IHES will develop their research on topics of their interest in mathematics and theoretical physics, and will have the possibility to collaborate with the Institute’s permanent professors. Topics could include (but are not limited to):

  • Algebraic Geometry, Automorphic Forms, Diophantine Geometry and Topos Theory;
  • Probability Theory, Statistical Physics, Mathematical Physics;
  • Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Modelization;
  • Geometry, Dynamics, Subgroups of Lie Groups;
  • Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, General Relativity;
  • Artificial Intelligence, Tensor Neural Networks, Machine Learning
  • Quantum Computing, and Quantum Mechanics.
  • Information Theory
  • Number theory
  • Game Theory
  • Random Matrix Theory
  • Linear and Non-Linear programming
  • Compressed Sensing and Optimization methods

Contract details

The Huawei Young Talents Program fellows will receive a salary, have the opportunity to stay at the IHES housing complex. They will have access to IHES’ facilities (cafeteria, office space, library, seminar room, … ). A personal scholarship will be awarded to finance scientific travel.

The Huawei Young Talents Program offers:

– 1 position in Partial Diffferential Equations

The IHES promotes interactions between mathematics and theoretical physics. A rich interface is the study of PDEs: these equations can indeed describe the evolution of many physical systems, from the quantum scale to the cosmic scale. A post-doctoral fellowship will be available in this field, with a special focus on the following themes:

1) fluid mechanics
2) waves and dispersive PDEs
3) statistical physics and kinetic theory
4) general relativity

Contact: Laure Saint-Raymond, Frank Merle

– 1 position in theoretical physics

A 2-year postdoctoral position (potentially extendable for a third year) in theoretical physics is open

Candidates with solid experience in quantum and/or conformal field theory and interested in the bootstrap, critical phenomena, integrable systems and/or renormalization group are encouraged to apply.

Contact: Slava Rychkov, Vasily Pestun

– 2 positions in mathematics

Applications should be sent online and include the application form duly completed, a CV, a list of publications, a description of research project and future plans as well as 2 or 3 letters of recommendation.

Next call for applications: Fall 2022