Conference by Marleen Temmermann on November 10th 2023 - IHES
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Conference by Marleen Temmermann on November 10th 2023

Marleen Temmerman, obstetrician and WHO expert, gave a conference (in French) entitled:

“Why are Pregnancy and Childbirth still so deadly?”

According to a recent update from WHO, worldwide every two minutes a woman dies in childbirth, totalling 800 women every day or 287,000 women annually. Why, after almost 30 years since ICPD and Beijing Declaration and numerous other declarations, commitments, and reaffirmations, is global health failing on women and girls, and on gender equity? What is holding back governments and institutions from realising their commitments?

The need for transformational shift on gender equity in global health is urgent. For it to happen, we need to start by understanding the supremacies, hierarchies and powers that create and enable the structures in global health and unearth the dynamics these structures operate within.

Marleen Temmermann has presented the causes of maternal mortality in the world and the possible keys to address the problem.

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Contact : Ingrid Peeters