Christophe Soulé, emeritus professor since 2017 - IHES
portrait professeur Christophe Soulé

Christophe Soulé, Mathematician

CNRS Research Director at IHES (1986-2016)
Emeritus CNRS professor since 2017

Christophe Soulé studies Arakelov theory of arithmetic surfaces.

Christophe Soulé also works on biology.

On the one hand, concerning the mathematical problems posed by gene networks, Christophe Soulé published, with Marcelle Kaufman, an article on the multistationarity of chemical reaction networks.

On the other hand, in ongoing work with A. Minarsky, N. Morozova, R. Penner, Y. Wang et al. he wrote three articles on the morphogenesis of organisms.

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CNRS Bronze Medal (1979)
J. Ponti Prize (1985)
"Prix Ampère de l'Électricité de France", Académie des Sciences (1993)


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