David Ruelle, emeritus professor since 2000 - IHES
portrait David Ruelle

David Ruelle, Physicist

Permanent professor 1964-2000
Emeritus professor since 2000

David Ruelle has proved a structure theorem about a class of polynomials which appear in the well-known Circle Theorem of Lee and Yang. Otherwise, he has worked mainly on the problem of linear response in differentiable dynamics, and its applications to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics.

In 2019 and 2020, David Ruelle continued his work on dynamical systems and statistical mechanics (equilibrium and non-equilibrium).

In particular, he published a study on the convergence of series representing equilibrium correlation functions. This study can contribute to the understanding of the crystalline solid state.

David Ruelle was also interviewed by H. H. Rugh and the interview was published in the French Mathematical Society’s Gazette des Mathématiciens and in the European Mathematical Society’s Newsletter.

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Boris Bregel Award (1974)
Albert 1er de Monaco Prize (1979)
Dannie Heineman Prize, APS-AIP (1985)
Boltzmann Medal (1986)
Holweck Medal (1995) 
Ludwig Boltzmann Forschungspreis (1995)
Henri Poincaré Prize (2006)
Max Planck Medal (2014) 
Académie des Sciences de Paris member
Academia Europaea member
National Academy of Sciences (US) foreign associate
American Academy of Art and Sciences foreign honorary member
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei foreign member


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