Francis Brown - IHES

Francis Brown, mathematician

Israel Gelfand Chair

Francis Brown is a Research Fellow at the All Souls College in Oxford University since September 2015. Before that he was a CNRS Researcher at IHES.

His work lies at the intersection of algebraic geometry and arithmetic. He has worked in particular on motivic periods, especially multizeta functions. His contribu-tions include: the resolution of the Goncharov-Manin conjecture on moduli spaces of curves, Hoffman’s conjecture on multizeta functions and the Deligne-Ihara conjecture on mixed Tate motives over Z.
Part of Francis Brown’s research revolves around questions arising from quantum field theory, especially the “cosmic Galois group” programme, which was started by many people connected with IHES, in particular Pierre Cartier, Alain Connes, Maxim Kontsevich and Dirk Kreimer.

CNRS bronze medal (2012)
Élie Cartan Prize from the Académie des Sciences de Paris (2012)


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