Ofer Gabber, CNRS Research Director at IHES - IHES
Ofer Gabber, mathématicien

Ofer Gabber, Mathematician

CNRS Research Director at IHES

Ofer Gabber is a mathematician who contributes to various topics in algebra and algebraic geometry, such as étale cohomology, logarithmic geometry, alterations of schemes and the theory of pseudo-reductive groups.

Recently, Ofer Gabber continues his numerous collaborations with several researchers, in particular, applications of perfectoid techniques in commutative algebra were included in his work with Lorenzo Ramero, or with Adrian Vasiu with whom he worked on the Barsotti-Tate groups.

Ofer Gabber has also made progress on duality in p-adic Hodge theory, as well as results on Picard groups.

Thérèse Gautier Prize (2011)


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