Vasily Pestun, Permanent Professor since 2014 - IHES

Vasily Pestun, Physicist

Permanent professor at IHES from 2014 to 2023

Vasily Pestun is a theoretical physicist who works in the field of quantum field theory and string theory, researching the dynamics of strongly interacting supersymmetric gauge theories and conformal field theories in various dimensions.

Recently his focus was the technique of supersymmetric localization that brought new interesting exact results on quantum supersymmetric gauge theories in curved geometries. Currently, Vasily Pestun is exploring deeper connections between quantum gauge field theories, conformal theories and integrable systems.

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Academic Council Fellowship, MIPT (2000),
ISSEP Soros Fellowship (1998),
Russian Federation President Fellowship (1997),
Gold Medal, 28th International Physics Olympiad Centennial Fellowship, Princeton University (2003-2008),
Joseph Henry Merit Prize, Princeton University (2003),
Pomeranchuk Fellowship, ITEP (2003),
Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton University (2007-2008),
Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows (2008-2011),
ERC Starting Grant (2015),
Hermann Weyl Prize (2016).


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