Qube Research and Technologies renews its support to IHES - IHES

Qube Research and Technologies renews its support to IHES

In 2024, Qube Research and Technologies (QRT) renewed and increased its support for IHES for the third consecutive year.

Qube Research and Technologies became a major donor of IHES in 2022 by making a €100k gift to the Institute’s endowment. This gift contributed to supporting the IHES summer schools, which are an essential moment in the Institute’s scientific activity, and a unique opportunity for exchange and collaboration.

Organized around a different theme each year, these summer schools, that usually take place over two weeks, are aimed mainly towards early-stage researchers. They gather a number of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, as well as more experienced scientists eager to pass their knowledge on to the future generations of mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

A global quantitative and systematic investment manager operating across the world, QRT strongly relies on advanced research and technology to implement a scientific approach to investing. By supporting the Institute’s summer schools, QRT carries forward its commitment to supporting academic research at its highest level.

In 2023, QRT renewed its support to the summer schools organized at the Institute with a donation of €150k to the Institute’s endowment fund. This donation has been renewed and increased in 2024, reaching a support of €200k to IHES’s endowment fund.

The renewal of this partnership was announced at the private dinner organized by IHES in January 2024 in Singapore in collaboration with QRT. This exclusive event took place at the iconic Fullerton Hotel with Ariel Neufeld, Associate Professor of Mathematics at NTU, who gave a scientific talk on this occasion. Other scientific conferences have been organized by IHES and QRT in recent years in Paris and London, notably with the participation of Michael Douglas, mathematician at Harvard University, Thibault Damour, theoretical physicist and Emeritus Professor at IHES, as well as Rama Cont, professor of mathematics, Head of the Oxford Mathematical and Computational Finance Group at the University of Oxford, and a regular visitor of IHES.