Louis Michel chair for Theoretical Physics - IHES

Louis Michel Chair for Theoretical Physics

The Louis Michel Chair for Theoretical Physics was created in 2000 in honour of Louis Michel, permanent professor in physics from 1962 to 1992. More information.

  • portrait professeur Anton Kapustin

    Anton Kapustin, physicist

    Louis Michel Chair

    Anton Kapustin is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He is interested in quantum field theory in general, with applications to particle physics and condensed matter theory.

  • Eliezer Rabinovici - IHES

    Eliezer Rabinovici, physicist

    Louis Michel Chair

    Eliezer Rabinovici is Leon H. and Ada G. Miller professor at the Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and holds the Louis Michel Chair at IHES since September 2015.

Louis Michel chair for Theoretical Physics

2009-2018 : Ali Hani Chamseddine, theoretical physicist, professor at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon)

2003-2013 : Samson Shatashvili, theoretical physicist, director of Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Dublin (Ireland)

2000-2011 : Michael Douglas, theoretical physicist, professor at Rutgers University, Piscataway (United States)

2000-2009 : Jürg Fröhlich, theoretical physicist, professor at ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

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