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Summer school – nonlinear waves

The trimester on nonlinear waves ended with a two-week summer school, alternating mini-lectures, aimed at presenting active research topics, with more traditional presentations of research work.
The mini-lectures were given by R. Frank (California Institute of Technology), C. Kenig (University of Chicago), N. Masmoudi (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences), B. Pausader (Brown University), M. Procesi (Universita di Roma 1), R. Strain (University of Pennsylvania), D.Tataru (University of California at Berkeley). They showed the range and thematic depth of the trimester, as illustrated by the presentation titles (listed in the above order of speakers):

• “A microscopic derivation of Ginzburg-Landau theory”;
• “Soliton resolution for the energy critical wave equation”;
• “Stability of the 3D Couette Flow”;
• “Asymptotic behavior for the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on product spaces”;
• “Recurrent and diffusive dynamics for the NLS equation on tori”;
• “On theVlasov-Maxwell System in theWhole Space;”
• “Two dimensional water waves”.

The more traditional presentations were given by S. Bianchini (SISSA), R. Carles (CNRS – IMAG Montpellier), S. Gustafson (University of British Columbia), J. Krieger (EPFL), H. Lindblad (Johns Hopkins University), H. Matano (School of Science, University of Tokyo), N. Pavlovic (University of Texas at Austin), R. Pego (Carnegie Mellon University), S. Roudenko (George Washington University), G. Staffilani (Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology),T.-P.Tsai (University of British Columbia), N. Visciglia (Universita di Pisa), S. Wu (University of Michigan), on themes related closely or loosely to the topics of the previous mini-lectures.

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