General Invitation Program: become an invited researcher at IHES - IHES
illustration pour l'appel à candidature juin 2022 IHES

General Invitation Program: become an invited researcher at IHES

The General Invitation Program

Each year, many scientists from around the world apply to the IHES General Invitation Program. After review of the applications, approximately 200 researchers are invited to come and work at IHES, collaborate with their peers, and participate in the Institute’s activities. These researchers apply for a visit of a duration subject to the approval of the Institute’s Scientific Council.

During their visit, visiting researchers receive a per diem, a workspace, and free accommodation in Ormaille, the IHES residence. They also have access to the cafeteria for lunch during the week.

Applications are examined twice a year (in June and December) by the IHES Scientific Council and selected on the sole criterion of excellence and with ­the CNRS-IHES Research Directors and the holder of the Université de Cergy-Pontoise-IHES chair­.

Deadline for application: June 1, 2022

The IHES Scientific Council will meet in June 2022 to examine the applications received and select the next invited researchers.