amis IHES 9 mars 2017 Amis de l'IHES

A general audience conference at IHES on March 9th

A new conference organised by Les Amis de l’IHES will take place on Thursday 9 March at 6pm, in the Marylin and James Simons Conference Centre.

Frédéric Barbaresco, representative of the KTD Board Processing, Computing & Cognition of THALES LAND & AIR SYSTEMS, will talk about “The digital radar or the elementary geometrical structures of electromagnetic information”, and he will develop the of the geometrical structures hidden in radar signals and of their affinity with mathematical tools such as the geometry of metric spaces and symplectic geometry.

The presentation will be followed by a musical interlude where Bertrand Maury will play at the piano some pieces composed by Julien Koszul, the mathematician Jean-Louis Koszul’s grandfather, who will be mentioned by Frédéric Barbaresco for his important intuitions. Bertrand Maury will also play some pieces composed by C. Saint-Sens, G. Fauré and A. Roussel.

Contact : Ingrid Peeters (0160 92 66 64) Entrée libre sur inscription :