Amis de l'IHES

A public conference on 22 November 2018

The association “Les Amis de l’IHES” will organise a conference on 22 November at 5pm, in the Marilyn and James Simons Conference Centre.

Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Lyon) will give a talk titled:

Disorder is almost certain”

Abstract : Using a simple mathematical model, we will explain why disorder increases. We will thus show that the Second Principle of thermodynamics is a consequence of the law of large numbers.

The talk will be followed by a musical interlude. Chenyi Cao will play piano pieces by J.S. Bach, F. Schubert, et S. Rachmaninov.

Please note that the talk will be in French.

Contact : Ingrid Peeters (01 60 92 66 64)

Free entrance upon registration:

Download the conference poster