A special event for all math postdocs from the Paris region

A special event for all math postdocs from Paris region 2019 is organized on Wednesday October 16th at Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) (Amphithéâtre Hermite).
The idea is that “postdocs with related interests come together, share information on seminars, workshops, and eventually organize activity if there is a shortage.
Registration is free but mandatory.
09:00 – Welcome coffee
09:20 – Pierre Pansu (LMO): “How to get a job in France”.
09:40 – Liat Peterfreund (Paris 7 IRIF): “Complexity Measures for Relational Queries over Text”
10:10 – Sandro Franceschi (Paris-Sud LMO): “Tutte’s invariants and reflected Brownian in a cone”
10:40 – Ya Deng (IHES): “From Schwarz’ lemma and Great Picard’s theorem to hyperbolic complex spaces”
11:10 – Break
11:30 – Roberta Bianchini (LJLL): “About some waves in geophysical fluids”
12:00 – Gwladys Fernandes (LMV) 
12:30 to 14:00 – Participants are cordially invited to the Restaurant le Mauzac.
For any question, please contact Thomas Alazard.