Conference by Etienne GHYS organized by les Amis de l'IHES - IHES
Amis de l'IHES

Conference by Etienne GHYS organized by les Amis de l’IHES

New event organized by Les Amis de l’IHES on Wednesday March 31, 2023 at 6:00 pm (French Time) at IHES

Etienne Ghys (ENS -CNRS Lyon researcher, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Sciences) gave a conference (in French) entitled:

“A brief history of the soccer ball”

What we like about soccer balls is more often to kick them than to examine their seams.
However, not all soccer balls behave in the same way and, if you look closely, they are often very different.
Étienne Ghys first observes them as a geometrician and questions the secrets of their design: how does one build an object as close as possible to a sphere? Although they share a common shape, why do soccer balls follow different trajectories?

Next event on Tuesday October 3rd 2023,  17H00 with Claudia SILVA, photographer, and Oscar GARCIA-PRADA, mathematician.

This shared conference is organized as part of the opening of the photography exhibition on the Kolam designs.

Contact: Ingrid Peeters (01 60 92 66 64)