Back on the round table held on September 8, 2023 - IHES
Table ronde, 8 septembre 2023 IHES

Back on the round table held on September 8, 2023

On Friday September 8, IHES hosted the last day of the week of the Women Initiative Foundation / Paris-Saclay Program: Women in Business, Become a Leader (in french only). On this occasion, the Institute organized a round-table discussion on the topic “How can we develop and cultivate an environment conducive to our professional fulfillment?”. The panel was made up of Sylvie Benzoni, Director of the Institut Henri Poincaré, Nathalie Bontoux, Associate Vice-President, Director of Transformation Programs for the Diagnostics and Genomics Group, Agilent Technologies, Olivier Sala, Vice-President of the Engie Group, in charge of Research and Innovation, and Emilie Urbany, member of Kyndryl France’s management team in charge of the Healthcare and Software divisions. The discussion, moderated by Claire Lenz, Director of Communications and Development at the IHES, was followed by numerous questions and testimonials from the 19 women who attended this week selected from various companies and research institutions in Europe and Canada.

The replay of the round table, in French, can be watched here.