2023 Clay Research Award - IHES
J. Szeftel, F. Merle, P. Raphael, I. Rodnianski - 2023 IHES

Frank Merle, Pierre Raphaël, Igor Rodnianski, and Jérémie Szeftel are awarded the Clay Research Award

Mathematicians Frank Merle, CY Cergy Paris Université-IHES Chair in Analysis, Pierre Raphaël, holder of the Schlumberger Chair for mathematical sciences at IHES and Professor at the University of Cambridge, Igor Rodnianski, Professor at Princeton University, and Jérémie Szeftel, CNRS Research Director at Sorbonne Université and a regular visitor of IHES, have been awarded the 2023 Clay Research Award by the Clay Mathematics Institute, “in recognition of their profound contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations.”

The award acknowledges their groundbreaking contributions to the understanding singular solutions for the compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, as well as to the establishment of the existence of finite energy singular solutions for the supercritical defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

This profound work recognized by the Clay Research Award was published in a series of three articles [1,2,3] published in 2022, that are the result of a ten-year collaboration between the four researchers. Many of the meetings and discussions that have led to this extraordinary work took place at IHES, with which three of the four researchers have very strong ties.

The Clay Research Award is presented every year at the Clay Research Conference and it celebrates the outstanding achievements of the world’s most gifted mathematicians. This year’s conference will take place in September 2023 in Oxford.

Frank Merle, Pierre Raphaël, Igor Rodnianski and Jérémie Szeftel also received the 2023 Bôcher Memorial Prize of the American Mathematical Society, acknowledging the importance of these same contributions, earlier this year.

IHES warmly congratulates all four mathematicians on receiving this prestigious award.


[1] On the implosion of a compressible fluid II: singularity formation. Ann. of Math. (2) 196 (2022), no. 2, 779–889. arXiv:1912.11009

[2] On the implosion of a compressible fluid I: smooth self-similar inviscid profiles. Ann. of Math. (2) 196 (2022), no. 2, 567–778. arXiv:1912.10998

[3] On blow up for the energy super critical defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equations. Invent. Math. 227 (2022), no. 1, 247–413. arXiv:1912.11005

Photo © IHES / Fanny Dufour
From left to right: Jérémie Szeftel, Frank Merle, Pierre Raphaël, Igor Rodnianski