Three of Thibault Damour's publications highlighted in Physical Review D
Donato Bini (à gauche) et Thibault Damour (à droite) au tableaux In the media

Three of Thibault Damour’s publications highlighted in Physical Review D

Physical Review D has recently highlighted three of Thibault Damour’s publications where the dynamics of binary black-holes is calculated with unprecedented accuracy by using novel theoretical methods recently developed by him and his collaborators. Their work might be crucial to interpret gravitational wave signals coming from upgraded detectors whose activity will start in 2022.

Two of these papers were the result of a fruitful collaboration with Donato Bini and Andrea Geralico (Italian National Research Council). Much of their interactions took place at IHES, where Donato Bini has been a frequent visiting professor since 2011.

An article by Jan Steinhoff and Justin Vines (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics) provides an overview of Prof. Damour and his collaborators’ work and describes the scope and impact of the three highlighted publications.

Thibault Damour from the Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies (IHES) in France and colleagues have sparked unanticipated progress in theoretical gravitational-wave predictions [1–3]. Their latest work shows that there exists a computational shortcut for the generic scattering problem by considering a special limit where one black hole weighs much less than the other.”

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