Fanny Kassel joins IHES as a CNRS Researcher - IHES
Fany Kassel Scientific activity

Fanny Kassel joins IHES as a CNRS Researcher

Fanny Kassel’s work revolves around pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous spaces. Through this common theme she has made deep contributions to fields as varied as Lie groups, hyperbolic geometry, and spectral theory.

As a researcher at Laboratoire Paul Painlevé in Lille from 2011 to 2016, she has established stunning results on anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds and their higher-dimensional analogues, through an analysis of equivariant Lipschitz maps in real hyperbolic spaces. She has also worked on flat Lorentzian 3-manifolds where she resolved, together with J. Danciger and F. Guéritaud, a conjecture of Drumm and Goldman from the early 1990s. She has given various characterizations of Anosov representations of Gromov hyperbolic groups, and established new links with the theory of proper actions on homogeneous spaces. Finally, she has proved the existence of an infinite stable part of the discrete spectrum of the Laplacian on a large class of non-Riemannian locally symmetric spaces. These spectacular results were obtained through national and international (USA, Germany, Japan) collaborations.

She was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2015 and an ERC Starting Grant in 2016.

IHES is delighted to welcome her as a CNRS Researcher within the Équipe de Recherche Labellisée du Laboratoire Alexandre Grothendieck.