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Conference announcement: From Molecules and Cells to Human Health

On 5-9 March the Institute will host the conference “From Molecules and Cells to Human Health: Ideas and Concepts”, organized by Mikhail Gromov (IHES), Annick Harel-Bellan (CNRS-CEA & IHES), Nadya Morozova (CNRS-CEA & IHES), and Nava Segev (Univ. of Illinois, Chicago).

The conference aims at bringing together researchers from different areas of biology and scientists from other disciplines for them to discuss about the influence of the molecular biology revolution on current research in biology.

The conference will develop around five topics, ranging from investigating specific molecular players, through pathways, to omics and organisms. Plenary talks will alternate with workshops designed for exploring ideas in theoretical biology, and panel discussions will be held at the end of each day. Attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts for poster sessions that will take place during the lunch breaks. The Scientific Committee will select a few abstract for short presentations.

Invited speakers:

John Christodoulou  (UCL, UK),
Charlie Boone (UToronto, CA),
Tom Kerppola (UMich, US),
Mark Hochstrasser (Yale, US),
Tomas Kirchhausen  (Harvard, US)

Vivek Malhotra (CRG, ES),
Alberto Luini (IBP, IT),
Bruno Goud (Institut Curie, FR),
David Drubin (Berkeley, US),
Judith Klumperman (Utrecht, NL)

Nava Segev (UIC, US),
Keith Mostov (UCSF, US),
Yves Barral (ETHZ, CH),
Jingshi Shen (UColorado, US),
Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil (Institut Curie, FR)

Romain Koszul (Pasteur, FR),
Ben Lehner (EMBL-CRG, ES),
Joel Bader (JHU, US),
Miguel Seabra (FCM, PT), 
Jean-Philippe Vert (ENS Paris – MINES ParisTech – Institut Curie – INSERM)

Ruedi Aebershod  (ETHZ, CH),
Nahum Sonenberg (McGILL, CA),
Dafna Bar Sagi (NYU, US),
Michael Karin (UCSD, US),
Ludo Van Den Bosch (VIB, KU-Leuven, BE)

For more information and registration details visit the conference webpage.