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IHES 2020 Summer School “Motivic, Equivariant and Non-commutative Homotopy Theory”

>> Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Summer School will be organised through zoom. Mini-courses and talks will be recorded and downloaded on the IHES YouTube Channel as soon as possible in the course of the school.

The IHES 2020 Summer School is organised by Aravind Asok (University of Southerm California), Frédéric Déglise (CNRS Dijon), Grigory Garkusha (Swansea University) and Paul Arne Østvær (University of Oslo) and focus on topics in motivic and equivariant homotopy theory, and non-commutative geometry.

These three subjects are currently experiencing a phase of intense growth and development:

  • long-standing central conjectures have been solved;
  • existing theories are being perfected;
  • many new foundational developments are being made on this basis.

It’s expected that these developments will spur many further advances and interactions in the near future.

The lecture series and research talks at the IHES Summer School focused on presenting the latest developments in topics related to categories of motives, calculational and foundational aspects of motivic and equivariant homotopy theory, and the generalisations of these tools and techniques in the setting of non-commutative geometry.

For two weeks, international experts on the topic gave mini-courses and research talks:

Mini-courses: Clark Barwick (Université d’Edimbourg), Daniel Isaksen (Wayne State University), Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Mathematical Inst. & National Research Univ. Higher School of Economics), Marc Levine (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Ivan Panin (Saint Petersburg Department of Mathematics), Goncalo Tabuada (MIT Department of Mathematics / University of Warwick).

Research talks: Federico Binda (University of Milan), Tom Bachmann (MIT), Mike Hill (UCLA), Geoffroy Horel (Université Paris 13), Alexander Neshitov (Western University), Angélica M. Osorno (Reed College), Marco Robalo (IMJ-PRG), Kirsten Wickelgren (Duke University)

The IHES Summer School is open to everybody, but intended primarily for young participants, including PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Information on the IHES Summer School webpage.

Playlist of videos from the IHES 2020 Summer School: