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IHES upgrades the library N.H. Kuiper

After more than one year of closing, the N.H. Kuiper library has reopened to the public. A huge project to reorganize the collections has been realized on the 3 floors. It follows the modernization of the library which has begun several years ago.

In 2019, as part of the mutualization of documentary practices at Université Paris-Saclay, the IHES library acquired a research tool called “Focus”. It allows users to easily search the physical and electronic collections of the library’s catalog online while offering new services to readers. From their reader’s account, users can consult their loan history, extend current loans or reserve a document, or make a purchase suggestion.

In September 2020, in addition to Focus, a new shared library management system (SGBM) named “Alma” modernized documentary practices and services. Several libraries of Université Paris-Saclay work together to offer a common catalog. The mutualization of certain tasks allows the professionals using the tool to save time to focus on the quality of the bibliographic data in their catalog. Among the notable advances at IHES, the loan of documents is now computerized. In addition to the daily management, it is possible to produce statistics to analyze the documentary practices of the users and possibly propose new services to them, or to orient/adjust the documentary policy.

3 dates to keep in mind :

2019: launch of Focus: online discovery tool

2020: launch of Alma: mutualized library management system

2021: reorganization of collections