Mikhail Gromov, emeritus professor since 2015 - IHES
portrait professeur Mikhail Gromov

Mikhail Gromov, Mathematician

Permanent professor 1982-2015
Emeritus professor since 2015

Mikhail Gromov has totally reshaped geometry, by showing how important it was to take into account systematically and in their entirety objects less regular than those normally considered by geometers.

This led Mikhail Gromov to the most unexpected results on controlling geometry by bounding curvature. His work on the global geometry of spaces where the volume of two-dimensional objects is set was revolutionary, enabling new geometric invariants for which theoretical physicists provided a new approach in the context of certain models of Quantum Field Theory.

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Moscow Mathematical Society Prize (1971)
Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry (1981)
Élie Cartan Prize (1984)
Wolf Prize (1993)
Leroy Steele Prize (1997)
Lobachevsky Medal (1997)
Balzan Prize (1999)
Kyoto Prize (2002)
Esser Nemmers Prize (2004)
Janos Bolyai Prize (2005)
Abel Prize (2009)
Académie des Sciences de Paris member
Academia Europaea member
National Academy of Sciences (US) foreign associate
American Academy of Arts and Sciences foreign honorary member
London Mathematical Society honorary member
Norwegian Academy of Sciences foreign member
Royal Society (UK) foreign member


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