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Thierry Bodineau, mathematician

CNRS Research Director at IHES

Thierry Bodineau's work focuses on mathematical problems from statistical mechanics. He has studied, in collaboration with Bernard Derrida, stochastic processes to characterize the properties of flow in non-equilibrium systems. More recently, he has worked, with Isabelle Gallagher, Laure Saint-Raymond and Sergio Simonella, to analyze the stochastic behavior of hard sphere dynamics in the kinetic limit.

After graduating from École normale supérieure (ENS) in Paris, Thierry Bodineau completed his PhD in 1997 at Université Paris Diderot (now Université Paris-Cité), under the supervision of Francis Comets, before becoming a CNRS researcher at the same university. In 2007, he joined ENS as a CNRS research director. Between 2008 and 2009, he spent a year in the United States, at Rutgers, New Jersey, and then at the Institute for Advanced Study.

It is upon his return from the United States that he began a very fruitful collaboration with Laure Saint-Raymond, now a permanent professor at IHES, who was then head of the mathematical analysis research team at ENS, and with whom he continues to work today.

In 2014, Thierry Bodineau joined the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP) at École Polytechnique. He served as deputy director of École doctorale Jacques Hadamard before becoming the director of CMAP in 2020, following Anne de Bouard.

Thierry Bodineau is a mathematician specializing in probability theory, and his work focuses on problems related to statistical mechanics. He was first interested in the study of the Ising model, the coexistence of phases and the interface problems that characterize these systems. He also worked on understanding non-equilibrium phenomena through stochastic modeling. More recently, he has become interested in renormalization aspects related to the study of the dynamics of particle systems and is working on the kinetic theory of gases, also in collaboration with Laure Saint-Raymond.

His relationship with the Institute dates back to the time when, as a student at ENS, he heard about it as a mythical place. But it is especially in the 2000’s that he started to regularly come to the Institute motivated by his collaboration with Joel Lebowitz, an American mathematical physicist known for his important contributions in the field of statistical physics, who was then already a frequent visitor to IHES. Thierry Bodineau then continued to attend courses and seminars organized at the Institute.

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CNRS Bronze Medal (2003)
Sophie Germain Prize, Fondation de l’Institut de France (2022)